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GENRE: StoryTelling / Urban Theatre / Puppet Theatre

CREATION: 2017 - Aurelia DeDieu / Lorenzo Gianmario Galli

ROLE: Creation with Aurelia DeDieu / Songs Author / Actor


Pin-Occhio” is a walking, site-specific show written and performed for the village of Vernante (Cuneo), a place in Italy strongly connected with the story of Pinocchio. 

It is a theatrical storytelling, where the side characters of the most famous italian tale (Pinocchio) take life and express their own opinion about society and about the tale itself, coming out from houses, bars, or just walking in the street.

The show was presented in the Festival “Imaginè – Piccolo Festival del Racconto per Immagini”, organized by association No Au.

Lorenzo Gianmario Galli

amami! cover2

GENRE: Visual Comedy


CREATION: 2012 - McFois

ROLE: Live Music on Stage / Acting


Amami! is an original visual comedy created by McFois.

GALiRò started to joined this show in 2013 adding LIVE music and interaction with the main character.

Their collaboration brought the company, among other experiences, to a two months tour in Japan, in Autumn 2014 and in Spring 2015.



The Ratcatcher

GENRE: Puppet Theatre / Live Music

CREATION: 2017 - P.i.p. / Incanti

ROLE: Songs Author / Actor / Live Music / Puppeteer


This show, based on the tale of Hamelin rat-catcher, was created between August and September 2017.
As group-work from an international company, born inside the festival "Incanti" (international festival of puppet theatre), directed by Anna Ivanova and produced by the 
festival itself, 
“The Ratcatcher” was in theatre on the October 2017 at the Casa del Teatro 
Ragazzi, in Torino.

The international company was composed by:
Andrei Balan (ROMANIA), Aga Błaszczak (POLAND),

Sara Celeghin (ITALY), Lorenzo Gianmario Galli (ITALY), Ahmed Hany (EGYPT), Francesca Quattraro (ITALY)

Directed by Anna Ivanova Brashinskaya

Assistant: Marco Intraia

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Ratcatcher -PIP2017- 13

C - 2020

Lorenzo Gianmario Galli & Youngin Kim



GALiRò eccentric one-man-band

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