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Lorenzo Gianmario Galli

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eccentric  one-man-band





Street Show - Walking Act - Interactive Comedy and Rock n' Roll Music. About it people said "an energetic musical game", "much more than a one-man-band", "yeah!"

"Ah... Liz"

"Ah... Liz"

Circus - Theatre - Variety - Family Show - In-door Show. Inspired by "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carrol. Created in 2019 by Latvian Company Pecolli.

 oriphoea project 

oriphoea project

short-movie / video / installation - NEW CREATION 2021-2022



upcoming TOUR dates

23-25 Sep   //  POOM-CHA   //   Amplifier Festival   //   Banská Štiavnica, SLOVAKIA

18 Sep   //  POOM-CHA   //   Stardust Festival   //   Settimo T.se, Torino, ITALY

17 Sep   //  POOM-CHA   //   Journées Européennes du Patrimoine   //   Douvaine, Haute-Savoie, FRANCE

10 - 11 Sep   //  POOM-CHA   //   Isle Etait Une Voie   //   Perigueux, Dordogne, FRANCE

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    My name is Lorenzo Gianmario Galli and I am a professional street and on stage performer.

    Born in Torino ( ITALY ) in 1980, I graduated in Industrial Design / Architecture at the Polytechnic University of my home town in 2005. I decided to be a professional performer at the age of 27, as I began to attend the three-year intensive class in Physical Theatre with Lecoq method, at the Philip Radice's school ( 2007 – 2010 ). Besides this course I have attended, over the years, lots of workshops on topics ranging from clown to commedia dell'arte, from the use of the voice to dramaturgy, from puppetry to music.


    Since 2010 I have been looking for my personal expressive language, rather focusing on street acts than in-door theaters. In more than ten years experience, my eccentric one-man-band, called GALiRò, participated to hundreds of events, both out-door and in-door, in Europe, Asia and America.

In addition to this show, which is my main act, I collaborated ( and still do ) with several international companies of street-theatre, variety-theatre, puppetry.


    I lived in Granada, SPAIN ( 2011 – 2012 ), in Seoul, SOUTH KOREA ( 2012 – 2013 ), in Leipzig, GERMANY ( 2013 – 2014 ), and I came back to Turin in 2016, where I am based, right now.


    In 2021 I started the “Oriphoea” project by making a short-film, already awarded in the “Animati in video” competition ( Arrivano Dal Mare Festival / Teatro del Drago di Ravenna, ITALY ).

The subsequent parts of the project are currently in creation.

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here you can find some show I took part to, or I collaborated with and I am not performing anymore



have a look to some of my drawings, sculptures, puppets, photo-work, installations I have made