Lorenzo Gianmario Galli is a professional street and stage performer.

He was born on the 1st of July 1980, in Turin, Italy.

In 2005 he got a degree in Design / Architecture (Polytechnic University of Turin).

Even if he has been playing guitar since childhood, he started to think seriously about performing only during University. 
So, he started to study Opera Singing, Violin, Theatre and also moved his first steps on the stage with some local opera and theatre companies.
After University, while working in several social projects, he attended a 3 years long intensive theatre class, with Lecoq method, in the A.T.F. school by Philip Radice.

Since 2010 he has been street-performing, with his One-Man-Band show. In the last eight years, this show has been played in more than 200 events and festivals worldwide, in 25 countries.

In many situations, Lorenzo used the stage name of GALiRò, when he plays this One-Man-Band character


Lorenzo lived in Granada, Spain (2011-2012), in Seoul, South Korea (2012-2013), in Leipzig, Germany (2013-2014) and went back to live in Turin in 2016. 

Aside of his One-Man-Band performance he has been working for several other projects about music, and puppet theatre.




2007 / 2010
ATF (Atelier Teatro Fisico) - Philip Radice

intensive class of physical theatre with Lecoq method - 3'000 hrs -

main subjects: theatre, mime, voice, comic writing, acrobatics, improvisation, theatre fight, object theatre 

2010 / 2011
voice physiology in Mod.A.I. institute by Marco Farinella

COMMEDIA DELL'ARTE (italian mask theatre) & STORYTELLING

Commedia dell'Arte - Antonio Fava 
- residential 130 hrs -

@ Ars Comica / Teatro Cavallerizza, Reggio Emilia, ITALY


Storytelling & mask-making – Giovanni Balzaretti - 50 hrs -

@ Teatro Agricolo, Livorno, ITALY

Storytelling – Ascanio Celestini - 24 hrs -

@ Semi in Testa - Frascati, Roma, ITALY




Comic identity of body - Andrè Casaca - residential 190 hrs -
@ Teatro C'Art, Castel Fiorentino, Firenze, ITALY



How to make a show in a square - Peter Weyell - 24 hrs -

@ ass. Alice nella Città, Castelleone, Cremona, ITALY



Marionette building - Teodor Borisov - 
residential 120 hrs -
@ Braccia Rubate, Perugia, ITALY

Object Theatre - M. Cionini & M. Soragna - 1 year 
weekly -
@ A.T.F. Philip Radice, Torino. ITALY

Share the object - Duda Paiva - 
residential 50 hrs -

@ Teatro del Lavoro, Pinerolo, Torino, ITALY


Object Theatre - Ariel Doron - 15 ore -
@ Casa del Teatro Ragazzi, Torino, ITALY